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Jim - Great product! No residue!
7/29/2014 1:44:19 PM
5 stars

Pros: I love this stuff - I was skeptical that the microsuction surface would be sticky enough to hold my phone in place on my dashboard but if anything it more than lived up to its promise. Highly recommended. No sticky residue on my phone after sitting on it for a 3 hour drive.

Cons: If you put it in a dusty environment it will lose some of its tackiness (I assume this will happen over time as it gets dust on it even in a clean environment). I wiped it off with a wet paper towel and it seemed as good as the day I got it; very cool.

Other Comments: Suction cups - who would have thought?

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SpinDoctor Reviews - Great Clutch, lots of compliments on it!
7/24/2014 10:21:22 PM
5 stars

Pros: This clutch is perfect to hold some cash, cards, and my phone in a sleek, envelope style. I use the clutch when I'm going to dinner or to the gym and don't want to carry a purse. The wristlet strap is sturdy and durable, and the magnetic closure is strong as long as I don't overstuff the case. After a few days, the magnets left a dark residue on the white surface of the case, but the marks are not visible when the flap is closed. My phone snaps in and out of the plastic case portion pretty easily. I really like that the front flap bends over completely, which makes it less awkward to talk on the phone while it's in the case. I get lots of compliments on the clutch and it works well for me overall! I was provided with this item as a sample in exchange for my fair and honest evaluation. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me in my profile.

Cons: See the Pros section for my full review!

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SpinDoctor Reviews - Really Attractive Case, some functional issues!
7/24/2014 10:15:36 PM
4 stars

Pros: The Sewell Monk iPhone 5S Case is an interesting take on a case combo wallet for the iPhone 5S. In this review, I will highlight my experience with the case for the past few weeks. I’m a big fan of the design of this case. It has the look of a book, complete with a spine with “bumps” as you would find on an old book. It’s made of a leather-like material, which is durable and holds up to wear and tear (at least in the first few weeks of use so far). Inside, you’ll find the actual iPhone case, which is simple, made out of black plastic, and is simply there to keep your phone in place. Also, on the inside flap, there’s a wallet, complete with room for 3 cards, 1 ID window pocket, and inner pocket for storing bills. Although I like how the design looks, I found some annoyances with the way the case functions. First off, the front does fold back to reveal the phone, but because of the rigid spine of the book design, it doesn’t fold back flat. This means when folded back, the back is thick, and it makes typing and using the phone slightly difficult. This gets further complicated when holding it up to your ear make a call. Second, there’s no way to keep the case closed completely. The front flap has no latch or magnet to keep it in place, so unless there’s some weight on top of it, it hangs open. Think of a book that has been kept open; when you go to close the front cover, it will stay slightly open. This leaves the phone slightly exposed if you were to toss it in a bag, or in your pocket, leading to possible scratches depending on what else is along with it (keys, etc). I did find the cutouts of the case to be well-positioned, and large enough, without being too large. The front and bottom are mostly open, and there volume rocker buttons and silent switch are also accessible. I had no issues using the camera with the cutout provided, either. Flash worked well too. That being said, I found the case that holds the phone in place to be slightly flimsy, and when I closed the book, I found that the edge of the case would pop out slightly, which could cause some scratching on the phone. It is also very difficult to remove the phone from the case, so this might pose a problem for those looking to remove the case from time to time. Regarding the wallet portion of the case, I found it well designed and fully functional. I was able to securely store cards and bills in each of the respective pockets. The window for the ID is slightly small, so this isn’t something you can show someone who needs to see your ID without taking it out of the pocket. Overall, the Monk case for the iPhone 5S is a creative solution to combining a wallet with a phone case. While the design is attractive, and the wallet functions well, I found issues with how the phone is used in the case, in addition to removing it.

Cons: See the pros section for my full review!

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SpinDoctor Reviews - The last micro USB cable you'll ever need!
7/24/2014 10:11:20 PM
5 stars

Pros: The MOS Spring micro USB cable is meant to accompany the MOS magnetic cable organizer. The cable features some great things, such as springs at the ends to prevent cable fraying and bending, as well as a cable housing that is more durable, being called an “exoskeleton woven jacket” by MOS. This is the first cable I’ve experienced that might truly hold up to constant use and transport in bags, backpacks, etc. The packaging of the cable is very minimal. It comes in a clear bag with some information on the back side. No frills, nothing unnecessary - this is how packaging should be. The feel of this cable is quite different than the norm. The housing has a slightly rough texture to it, and the ends of the cable, being spring loaded, are very resistant to being bent, which is great. You can throw this cable in any bag without fear of the connector getting bent at its endpoint. The MOS feature (magnetic) of the cable works very well. The metal attaches very strongly to the magnet in the MOS, so your cable stays securely attached. Pulling it off for use is as simple as a small tug. If any of you have a MacBook, it feels as strong as the MagSafe charger when it attaches to your MacBook. The MOS Spring micro USB Cable is in my opinion an essential addition to anyone’s collection of cables. It’s durability is unmatched. This truly might be the last micro USB cable you’ll ever need to buy.

Cons: See Pros section for my full review!

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SpinDoctor Reviews - Great Cable Organizer with Ingenious Design!
7/24/2014 9:58:40 PM
5 stars

Pros: The MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer is a magnetic disk that is meant to act as a “hub” for cable ends to attach to. In this review, I will highlight my experience with the MOS so as to inform those looking for such solutions for cable organization. The MOS comes with the magnetic hub itself, three magnetic cable ties that allow you to attach non-magnetic cords to the MOS, and a 3M adhesive piece to attach to the wall. A great feature to the hub is how it attaches to a flat surface. This is done through microsuction pads on the bottom of the product. The hub holds very strong when attached to a surface like a desk, table, etc. I found that if I put pressure on it initially when placing it for about 20-30 seconds, the hold was a lot stronger. The great thing about microsuction is that it’s reusable; simply use a piece of tape to get dirt off the bottom if suction isn’t holding, or if you find it is getting very dirty. The microsuction does not, however, work on the wall. For that, MOS included a 3M sticker to be used to attach to walls, which worked very well in my tests of the product. I found that the magnet in the center of the hub was stronger than the three on the edges of the “triangle” shape of the MOS. Depending on the weight of your cable and how it hangs, you might find that you need to put some cables on the center magnet, and some can go on the edges. For example, I have a heavy DVI cable attached to a mini displayport adapter for my MacBook Pro, and that cable only holds onto the MOS when attached to the center magnet. I’m a big fan of the MOS by Sewell Direct as you can see in my review. It’s a great way to keep cables organized, without the hassle of placing cables in designated areas (like in other cable holders). I like this because when I need to access my cable, i simply pull it from the MOS, and when I need to put it back, it’s as simple as touching it to it so that the magnet attracts it. Very simple, easy to use, and great design aesthetics. I highly recommend this product!

Cons: The three magnets on the edges of the "triangle" shape are weaker than the center one, but that's pretty much it for cons.

Other Comments: See Pros section for full review!

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Anonymous - VGA Splitter
7/24/2014 11:39:49 AM
5 stars

Pros: Works very well. Very easy to setup.

Cons: None

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Anonymous - exeve
7/24/2014 8:59:42 AM
5 stars



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