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GC001, Mayflash PS2 - DDR to Gamecube/Wii
SW-6842 - $8.95
Mayflash PS2 - DDR to Gamecube/Wii -
Average Rating - 4.3:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
4 ratings

Use your Playstation controller or Dance Dance Revolution pad on your Gamecube or Wii with this simple, inexpensive adapter from Mayflash.

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PC017, USB to Gameport Adapter
SW-5969 - $14.95
USB to Gameport Adapter -
Average Rating - 4.4:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
43 ratings

Simply connect a gameport (GB-15) joystick, controller, or gamepad to your computer via USB with this USB to Gameport adapter (aka "Super Joy Box 7" by Mayflash).

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PC035, Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box
SW-6235 - $12.95
Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box -
Average Rating - 4.3:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
3 ratings

With this joy box, you and two buddies can connect PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, or Xbox controllers to your PC.

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PC034, PAL to NTSC Converter
SW-6224 - $28.95
PAL to NTSC Converter -
Out of Stock
eta: 5/9/2014
Average Rating - 2.3:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
23 ratings

Quickly and easily convert PAL video to the NTSC United States standard for viewing on traditional displays.

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XP015, XBox Controller to PS2/PS
SW-6255 - $18.95
XBox Controller to PS2/PS -

Imagine taking your XBox controller, easily the best designed in the gaming world, and using it to play your favorite PS/PS2 games. Introducing the MayFlash XP Joy Box, an XBox to PS/PS2...

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SW-29835, USB Adapter for Wii Controllers (PC)
SW-29835 - $22.95
USB Adapter for Wii Controllers (PC) -

Use your Nintendo Wii Nunchucks, classic, or classic pro controllers with your PC with the aid of this wireless adapter that comes with wireless dongle adapter for you PC's USB por...

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XB360-004, XBOX 360 VGA/RCA Cable, 8 ft.
SW-8849 - $9.95
XBOX 360 VGA/RCA Cable, 8 ft. -
Average Rating - 4.5:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
2 ratings

Don't miss out on the improvements in graphics of the XBOX 360. This VGA cable will give you great high definition graphics for your monitor or High Definition TV.

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W005, SNES to Wii Adapter
SW-28692 - $18.95
SNES to Wii Adapter -

Play all those downloadable Wii games and classics with your NES or SNES controllers with this easy-to-use adapter.

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PS2032, PS2/PC Wireless Converter
SW-6785 - $25.95
PS2/PC Wireless Converter -

The perfect wireless accessory for the PS2 is finally here! Play wirelessly with Playstation controllers on either your Playstation or computer with the 2.4 GHz Wireless PS2/PC 2-in-1...

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