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Gefen is a leading manufacturer in Audio/Video connectivity, conversion, and extension products for AV professionals, boradcasters, installers, integrators, as well as advanced home users. Gefen's product line includes HDMI Splitters, Switches, Extenders, Converters, Cables, and more, as well as other AV devices. Stretch it, Switch it, Split it. Gefen's Got it.


Audio/Video (106)
Cables (7)
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GTB-HD4K2K-444-BLK, Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD 4x4 HDMI Matrix
SW-28964 - $899.00
Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD 4x4 HDMI Matrix -

The Gefen Toolbox 4x4 HDMI Matrix (4 sources to 4 displays) is a high grade, wall-mountable HDMI matrix. It supports 12 bit per channel Deep Color video in Ultra HD 4K by 2K as well...

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SW-28853 - $32.95

IR Remote

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EXT-PS54AU, 5VDC 4 Amps Universal Power Supply (US)
SW-28849 - $19.95
5VDC 4 Amps Universal Power Supply (US) -

5VDC 4 AMPS Universal Power Supply (US)

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SW-23656 - $2,999.00

The Gefen DVI to HDSDI Pro Scaler is a rack-mountable unit which incorporates a full single-link DVI-D conversion scaled to your choice of SD/HDSDI Single- or Dual-link modes.

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EXT-VGAAUD-444, Gefen 4x4 VGA/Audio Matrix
SW-23606 - $719.10
Gefen 4x4 VGA/Audio Matrix -

Route any (or all) of four VGA sources to any (or all) of four VGA displays along with stereo audio at any time with Gefen's reliable VGA/Audio 4x4 matrix.

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CAB-DVIC-DLB-25MM, Gefen Dual Link DVI Cable, 25 ft (Male to Male)
SW-23583 - $164.95
Gefen Dual Link DVI Cable, 25 ft (Male to Male) -

This 25ft Copper-based DVI Dual Link cable is just what you need to take your signal farther.

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EXT-DVIKVM-441DL, Gefen 4x1 DVI KVM DL Switcher
SW-23575 - $899.00
Gefen 4x1 DVI KVM DL Switcher -

This device enables you to switch easily and reliably between any combination of four dual link or single link DVI computers using one dual link DVI-compliant display.

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EXT-DVI-FM1000, Gefen DVI FM 1000 Extender
SW-23111 - $999.00
Gefen DVI FM 1000 Extender -

Gefen's DVI FM 1000 Extender allows you to extend your DVI video signal up to 1 km away from its original video source. That signal is relayed through two small transceivers over one...

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EXT-DVI-CAT6, Gefen DVI CAT-5 Extender
SW-23108 - $539.95
Gefen DVI CAT-5 Extender -

Now your DVI signal can be carried up to 300 ft away cost-effectively via two CAT6 cables with Gefen's MS Extreme Extender.

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EXT-DVI-16416, Gefen 16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix
SW-23106 - $5,399.95
Gefen 16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix -

The 16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix allows you to easily use 16 computers or other high-definition sources and 16 displays so that each computer can display video on any one of your various...

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SW-23102 - $599.00
EXT-PS5-4R -

Manage 5-Volt Power Distribution with a Rackmount solution. The Gefen Power Rack 54 is the perfect solution for cleaning up a messy rack space filled with individual power supply...

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SW-23101 - $45.95

Extend your desktop or laptop to a projector, or simply enjoy a larger main display. Mini-DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of DisplayPort, the newest digital display interface...

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